Schedule a Preliminary Foundation Inspection Appointment


Click the button below to schedule a preliminary inspection appointment.  This will open a window with a calendar that shows my open days and times.

Next, pick an open day and then select an open time.  You will then see a screen where you enter the address of the house to be inspected and your contact information.  Any details you can provide about the house are helpful and appreciated (square footage, age, area of town, whether the house has had previous foundation repair, etc.). 


I do not perform home inspections; I only perform structural inspections, usually foundation performance evaluations.

I do not inspect pier and beam foundations; I only inspect slab on grade foundations.



Though every house and situation is different, the information below will give you a good idea as to what your foundation performance evaluation will cost.  After the inspection, we will email you an invoice that will allow you to pay online. 


$250 per hour; most houses require approximately 3-hours total (travel + inspection + report).


For houses that were recently flooded, now is a great time to have your foundation assessed.  In addition to the foundation, I will look at the visible wood framing to assess possible damage caused by hydrodynamic and hydrostatic flood-related forces.  I will also look at the visible exterior wall sheathing.  The exterior wall sheathing is a hot topic during flood events, and there is a lot of conflicting information floating around.  I performed over 100 flood inspections in Louisiana in 2016, and I know unacceptable wall sheathing when I see it.